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Your Roscoe Chiropractor:
Advantage Chiropractic Wellness, LLC

Dr. Alecia Arn has been delivering safe and effective chiropractic care to the Roscoe community since 2000. She wants to help one person at a time reach their optimal potential in regards to their health and lifestyle.

The Advantage Chiropractic Wellness, LLC Philosophy

Our practice philosophy is to treat every person who enters our office as an individual and not a “condition.”

Our operating philosophy is people have busy lives and we want to make sure that we honor our patients appointment times, that they are adjusted in a timely manner so they can get on with living their lives.

We really try to look at current lifestyles of our patients to determine what is the best course of care as well as the goals our patients want to achieve while here in the office. The practice members who respond best in the office are those who are looking for a place for not only themselves but their family as well.

The most satisfying part of my practice is meeting new people and helping them change their lives and watching them live that life. I love when a current practice member brings in their children, whether it’s a newborn or a teenager, that shows us they are putting their trust and confidence in us.

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Thanks for visiting our site. Dr. Arn looks forward to meeting you and your family and learning how they can help you through safe and natural chiropractic care. Please give our Roscoe practice office a call at (815) 623-6534 to schedule your appointment.

Dr. Alecia Arn | Roscoe Chiropractor